A children’s party can be a lot to think about. Our 5 Kids Party Ideas will help you pull off an amazing party with little effort. So you can enjoy yourself along with all your guests. Here’s how!


Make it snappy chappy! An entertainers golden rule is to leave them wanting more! The same can apply when entertaining guests at your party. A short and sweet party means less to think about. No way will it pitter out by carrying on too long. Having a short, simple schedule and sticking to it can mean half the work and twice the fun for you and your party-goers.


TIP: 2-3 hours is a good length for your kids party. Putting the start and finish times on your invite is a good idea because it will prepare your guests so they don't feel obliged

to stay (and they know when to leave!)


Make your party pop! A small bunch of helium balloons is the easiest way to make your party pop! Using gravity defying colourful bubbles instantly elevates your party and creates an atmosphere of celebration. Set them as a centrepiece on the table, or create some fantastic photo backdrops by shifting them around the party.


TIP: Look Sharp Store have a wide range of colours, shapes and themed helium balloons all at a reasonable price - www.looksharpstore.co.nz


Easy peasy food! Save yourself some stress and keep things easy with simple food and minimal prep! Light nibbles is all you need for a party. Sushi can be a fun and healthy snack, or try some fresh carrot sticks and hummus. Give yourself a break and save on the food prep by ordering pizzas delivered straight to your door.

TIP: Remember, you can avoid providing a full spread lunch by serving morning tea or afternoon tea instead.


Be entertained! Take the pressure off entertaining the kids and get some one else to do it for you! Watch the atmosphere change with balloon animals, magic and quirky comedy that will have all the kids laughing and the adults smiling. Professional entertainers are the perfect party ice breaker and guarantees everyone has a great time.


TIP: We have some great Kids Party Ideas and entertainment in Auckland. You can hire a clown, a fairy, a pirate or a magician at www.cornflake.co.nz


Check yourself! Our last wee secret is to take some time to mentally prepare for the day ahead. Remember that your smile is the cherry on top, and if you're happy and relaxed, your guests will be too. So take a deep breath, calm your nerves and smile. You can do it!

TIP: Smile while saying to yourself five times
"This is easy, this is simple and this will be fun!”

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Watch the atmosphere change with magic, fun and balloon animals! Choose from the Popcorn the Clown, Fairy Flakes and Magic Magician.

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